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Rouhani nails Trump’s NeoCon America

Jim W. Dean - Dear Donald, I know you hate in-depth briefings, but you need to get one on how much has been published about US activity in using proxy terrorism as a main foreign policy tool.

NEO – Desperation Rules Washington’s Policy on Iran

Desperation stems primarily from the Iranian refusal to accept US terms, and it grows out of Washington’s inability to force Iran into capitulation.

World should confront United States’ use of dollar as weapon: Araqchi

Jim W. Dean - The American people have shown themselves to be totally powerless to rein their government in.

Iran increases refining capacity by 40% in two years despite sanctions

Jim W. Dean - This is another classic of how sanctions can have a silver lining, forcing countries to maximize full process manufacturing and production.

Russia says many countries standing by Iran in case of any...

Jim W. Dean - Remember the US once took credit for the success of the JCPOA stating that sanctions brought Iran to the table, proving that they work.

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