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The End Of American Freedom

On March 9, 2008, the peaceful and non-violent “Veterans Revolution” was established to bring an end to the rampant crime, corruption and misappropriation of Veterans property at the Los Angeles VA, and to stop the abuse and inhumane treatment of our fellow Veterans who are war-injured, impoverished and forced to live homeless and hungry at skid row or in back-alley squalor.

VA’s Mob Boss Mentality

As a law-abiding 74-year American citizen, I have never been put in handcuffs until yesterday and it was carried out under your orders and done illegally and forcefully on your behalf by a bullying coward -- VA policeman M. Perez (Badge #2140). He is unworthy of any rank or merit.

Corruption at U.S. Attorneys Office in Los Angeles

Yes, enough of the corrupted U.S. Attorneys’ Office in Los Angeles with their malicious and falsified prosecution against the American Flag of the United States and elderly U.S. Military Veterans who display It in honor of the men and women who have defended our Nation’s Colors for nearly two-and-a-half centuries.

VA secretary: Disney doesn’t measure wait times, so why should VA?

By SARAH WESTWOOD Editor's note:  My own wait times have hit 18 months or more.  But with new policy, which is failing to even make...

Worst charity for veterans run by VA employee

At first glance, the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is a roaring success. According to its tax filings, the charity has received more than $29 million in donations from generous Americans from 2010 to 2014 for what it calls on its website "aiding, supporting and benefiting America's veterans and their families."

Fix for VA health snarls veterans and doctors in new bureaucracy

Veterans are still waiting to see a doctor. Two years ago, vets were waiting a long time for care at Veterans Affairs clinics.

Despite $10B Fix, Veterans Are Waiting Even Longer To See Doctors

Two years ago, vets were waiting a long time for care at Veterans Affairs clinics across the country. At one facility in Phoenix, for example, veterans waited an average of 115 days for an appointment.

Two VA Employees Lauded For Their Work With Homeless Veterans

Two Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) employees were named finalists for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America medal, also known as the Sammies.

Two-day event aids homeless and at-risk veterans

A coalition of local organizations and businesses is working to ensure that the fourth annual North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down will make a difference in the lives of homeless veterans.

Veterans still face long waits at VA facilities

While the waiting periods for treatment at Veterans Administration facilities aren’t as godawful as they were at one point, that doesn't make them good.

Over 125,000 veterans denied benefits by the VA – report

Tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with less-than-honorable discharges, many with physical and mental injuries, were being denied care by the Department of Veterans Affairs, claims a new report by a veterans’ advocacy group.

Whistleblower At Phoenix VA Continues His Fight To Save Suicidal Veterans

Many of us are aware that veterans commit suicide at an average of 22 per day. We’re appalled by the daunting statistics while at the same time selfishly thankful that it didn’t happen to someone within our family.

Congress, VA mull multiple options to fix broken veterans’ care program

VA is looking for congressional action on more than 100 legislative proposals, and 40 of them are new this year. Perhaps most notably, the department is looking for help to fix the Veterans Choice Program, which both Congress and the VA acknowledge is largely broken.

VA Expands Hepatitis C Drug Treatment

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced that it is now able to fund care for all Veterans with hepatitis C for Fiscal Year 2016 regardless of the stage of the patient’s liver disease. The move follows increased funding from Congress along with reduced drug prices.

VA Failed to Contact Tens of Thousands of Veterans with Pending...

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed Monday that it failed to contact tens of thousands of the more than 800,000 veterans who have applications for health care pending, nearly 300,000 of whom died before getting a resolution.

VA convenes summit with veterans advocates to fix appeals process

Top officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs will meet this week with leaders from several leading veterans’ service organizations, seeking common ground on a legislative proposal that would overhaul the appeals process for veterans’ compensation claims.

New VA hotline chief has a history of dropped calls from...

A former Air Force officer chosen to fix the VA's problem-plagued suicide hotline has been running other agency phone banks that have a poor record of service, dropping as many as one in five calls from veterans, according to internal data provided to USA TODAY.

Vet Kills Self When VA Suicide Hotline Sends Him to Voicemail

____________  - The US Department of Veterans Affairs continues to face intense scrutiny over its failures to provide timely aid, as a congressional hearing revealed a...

Open Letter from the VA on Future of GPD

Yesterday the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Sloan Gibson, disseminated an open letter to the grantees of the VA’s Grant and Per Diem (GPD) program.

Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Veterans’ Health Issues

At 23 million strong, America’s veterans make up one of the largest voting blocs in the nation.

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