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VT vs Google: Russia’s Big Win in Syria

Google Jigsaw is very much "Spectre" out of the James Bond films, not just in real life but on an unimaginable scale.  Google is the new "Gladio."  Be afraid – time for the EU to close them down.

Politico does a hit piece on VT – sort of

Jim W. Dean - The title was more ridiculous than we expected. I thought Politico had editors, but I guess there are tight budgets all around.

Veterans Today endorses Donald Trump

Let's face it. We were wrong. We take it all back. Trump is obviously the greatest president ever.

NEO – Is the New Fake News Worse Than the Old?

Jim W. Dean - It looks like we are ending the year on a high note, with Santa having come early by bringing us this gift of mainstream coverage on "false news".

VT Targeted: Leaked FBI doc reveals secret policy of targeting journalists,...

FBI documents sought after in Freedom of Information Act requests for the last year are now available, thanks to a leak to the Intercept. They lay out secret rules for collecting phone records of journalists, bypassing normal judicial processes.

The Secret Law of Opposites

There is a secret Establishment Empire that is a Hierarchy of Evil based on the Law of Opposites.

Your Radiation This Week No 22

I know of no variety of Humans immune to radiation.

Your Radiation This Week No 21

The report period covers last week also to include the unnamed and unacknowledged, apparent nuclear event at Champaign, IL. Something spread radiation all over the country.

Your Radiation This Week No 20

Three cities exceeded 1,000 CPM this week in Your Rad Weather This Week.

Your Radiation This Week No 19

The Lethality from a specific release goes up for 35 years; ...

Your Radiation This Week No 18

Can 1,000 CPM be far behind? We’ll see. Stick with Bob Nichols on "YRTW" on VT, I’ll keep you advised...

Your Radiation This Week No 17

Use these report numbers as your Starting Point in adding up your daily, monthly and annual exposure ...

Your Radiation This Week No 16

... the radiation levels and the Lethality move in opposite directions, the Lethality of the Rad goes UP for 35 years...

Your Radiation This Week No 15

Take all appropriate precautions and actions. It is dangerous out there.

Your Radiation This Week No 14

173.8 Times Normal Radiation at a city in the US...

Your Radiation This Week No 13

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and don’t forget to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

Your Radiation This Week No 12

Welcome Pittsburgh to America's Most Radioactive Cities List

Your Radiation This Week No. 11

What is the normal Level of Radiation

Your Radiation This Week No. 10

Radioactive water, or Tritium, is a condition of their existence. It's Nasty Stuff.

Your Radiation This Week No. 9

... This is what everybody says, they are wrong of course, Nuclear Armageddon has already happened, probably sometime in the 1980’s.

Your Radiation This Week #8

... the EPA acted decisively by shutting down the reporting functions of hundreds of radiation monitoring stations...

Your Radiation This Week #7

Last week a reader asked a question about Cesium137 in the atmosphere and air travel.

Your Radiation This Week #6

Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States and in your neighborhood.

Your Radiation This Week #5

(San Francisco) May 1, 2015 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this...

Your Radiation This Week #4

When Less is More

Monsters among us – Evil with a nice face (Part III)...

Those who really run America are soulless Monsters that walk among us.

Your Radiation, This Week

Bob Nichols..."The radiation measurements are much higher today than years ago."

Time to Discuss Nuclear Treason

the Khazarian Mafia has stolen American decommissioned nukes, trafficked them...

Witch Hunt on Terrorism

Veterans Today providing some sanctuary and a base of operations for whistle blowers within the military.

Israeli Espionage Fronts have Hijacked America!

On 9-11-2001, a foreign-based Enemy within our Gates attacked America with a pre-staged nuclear Gladio-style False-Flag.