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The Debate – Catalonian Democracy vs the Constitution in Spain

Jim W. Dean - The Spanish Prime Minister made the situation worse, and for no reason. If the referendum had gone through with the polling stations that were still open he could have just ignored it and we would not have seen peaceful protesters getting the billy club treatment.

Iraqi Kurdistan vote poses direct threat to Turkish national security

Jim W. Dean - Turkey's main concern is seeing the referendum trigger an uprising in its own unhappy Kurdish regions, when it already has serious concerns with a Kurdish independent state being carved out on its southern border with Syria.

Venezuelans Vote, Duff on Press TV

Venezuela’s electoral body announced the turnout at over 41-percent, with more than eight million people voting for the new assembly.

Norway’s trade unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine

Norway’s largest trade union body has voted in favor of economic, cultural, and academic boycott of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. In response,...

Vote Thief Appointed to Chair Commission on Vote Fraud

Selective attention is happening in Washington, forcing the left to be focused on seeded news, such as Russian hacking, rather than vote theft.

Hard Brexit: UK to leave the single market and Parliament will...

Prime Minister Theresa May has said the UK “cannot possibly” remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean “not leaving the EU at all”, but at the same time promised to push for the “greatest possible” access to the single market following Brexit.

Bibi throws a tantrum: Israel ‘reducing’ ties with nations over UN...

Israel's foreign ministry said Tuesday the country was "reducing" ties with nations that voted for last week's UN Security Council resolution demanding a halt to settlement building in Palestinian territory.

UNSC Agrees on ‘Good Text’ of Aleppo Draft Resolution, Vote Scheduled...

Jim W. Dean - My, my...this certainly came as a surprise. One would think the UN people would be smart enough not to want to show their faces in Aleppo after the PR terror war they inflicted on the people there.

US Democrats demand intel on Russian vote interference

__________ World Bulletin US Democrats demand intel on Russian vote interference Top US Democratic lawmakers have demanded that President Barack Obama release details on alleged Russian...

Trump Supporter Arrested for Voting Twice…to fight “vote rigging”

Terri Rote is seen in a police booking photo on Oct. 27, 2016. DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police have charged a woman with election...

He who has no name speaks: Italian earthquakes were retribution for...

 By Itamar Eichner for YNet News, Israel Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara (Likud) caused controversy when he blamed two massive earthquakes which hit Italy on Wednesday...

Press TV: Vote Rigging and Dinosaur Hunting, Election Year Woes

Senior Editor, Gordon Duff Election day approaches and the craziness reaches new levels.  The Senior Editor discusses vote hacking, dinosaurs and other threats to American...

Why I Will Vote for a Third Party Candidate in November...

Though sadly ignored in this nation, there are third party alternatives in the impending battle of the unlikeable and the untrustworthy. If a candidate more accurately addresses my concerns and reflects my point of view why would I vote the lesser evil when I can vote the greater good?

BREXIT: Is the vote even worth holding?

As someone who is bitterly opposed to the EU, it is perhaps a surprising thing for me to ask if today's referendum vote in Britain is even worth holding; surely I would be all for it, a chance to get out of the EU, how wonderful!

379 to 223 for more war – Cameron wins the vote...

David Cameron came to the Commons today with his master-plan for confronting ISIS, having told his MPs: “You should not be walking through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathiser.”

The Free American: Talking About Donald Trump

Join The Free American as he discusses the Trumpathon in another 2 hour special.

Canadians, before you vote, remember the Liberals

It is a federal election year in Canada. The 2015 election is unpredictable and could be a game-changer. Here is my advice to Canadian voters.