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Saudi-led coalition denounces UN report regarding strikes on Yemen

Will the UN finally crack down on Saudi war crimes?

At last, a law that could have stopped Blair and Bush...

Political or military leaders who order the invasion of foreign countries will be guilty of the crime of aggression, and may be punishable at the international criminal court in The Hague.

Anniversary, the USS Liberty and JFK

Israel’s leaders concluded that their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.

UN’s Guterres finally denounces Zionist crimes on Gaza

I know many will say this will not change anything, but I remind everyone that some resistance is less hopeless than no resistance.

Trump’s Zio-Ambassador Reportedly Told State Dept to Ease Scrutiny of Israel

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman insisted that the US State Department shouldn’t second-guess the actions of the Israeli military.

Why Do the Afghan Villagers not want to Sit for Peace...

The war crimes committed against the Afghan people by the Australian special operation forces, by the United States and its agents/mercenaries and by NATO forces are the true impediment or roadblock to negotiations and peace.

Joel Skousen guest hosts False Flag Weekly News

This was the first time I've managed to get into a genuinely heated argument on FFWN since Jim Fetzer left.

The U.S. Continues the War in Afghanistan. Why????

On this Memorial Day Americans Need to Take a Second Look at Why the United States Continues the War in Afghanistan.The War Profiteers are...

Trump The Clown: “Palestinian Dead Not Real”, … like Sandy Hook...

To protect itself, the US has left the Geneva convention and International Criminal Court.

Proof: Intel Drop UPDATED Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed

Today another chemical weapons stockpile was found in East Ghouta, produced in Germany, fully weaponized and commercially produced by Merck. 

UN wants Saudi-led siege on Yemen totally lifted

Jim W. Dean - Finally we see Saudi Arabia getting a one-two punch on the nose for its war crimes against Yemen, with growing calls in the EU for a Saudi arms embargo.

Treason and Complicity

At the point where War Crimes become so clear, that they are easily used against America to promote a negative agenda against the American...

No Words

Israelis Demolish Kindergarten

Disturbing truth about all American Wars in the Mideast since WW2

America had no legal or constitutional right to be involved in any of them!

Has the US lost the war in Syria? The blame game...

Jim W. Dean - I expected these "defeat" articles to pop up quickly with the publication of the Pentagon stating it would no longer support opposition groups that were not fighting ISIS.

Russia chops the the West’s Syrian gas attack story into little...

Jim W. Dean - If anyone out there is still living in the fantasyland that they are living in a democracy this is a life line story to help you climb back into the world of reality.

Breaking: VT Hit with Stuxnet as Trump’s Complicity in Gas Attack...

Gordon Duff - This story is why VT was hit with Stuxnet, Trump's cyber nuclear-option in bringing VT down, so this story would not be out on the huge news day yesterday. Losing this story on the Easter Weekend was critical – learn why.

The Case of WMDs: Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria?

  By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Suddenly tension has intensified between Russia and the US with the order of the American President Donald Trump, when...

Pravda: Ukraine indignant at 80% of Jews in power

There is much more to this Pravda story than meets the eye. Savchenko was held prisoner in Russia for some time as a Ukrainian pilot accused of war crimes.

Uri Avnery – The Most Moral Army

Jim W. Dean - The most immoral people in Israel, among Jews in total really, are now the Likud party, and more specifically the blood thirsty advocates of mass murder in their ranks.

New York Times on “Aleppo’s Destroyers”: All the fake news...

The New York Times is not just a purveyor of fake news, it is a purveyor of propaganda for the supreme war crime, aggression, and several lesser crimes including genocide

UN – ‘Saudis causing immense carnage in Yemen’

Jim W. Dean - It was nice to hear Ban ki-Moon's strong stance on the Yemen slaughter, but he is on his way out as General Secretary, and the new guy coming in is not about take on something like this, accusing Security Council members of War Crimes..

US, Israel directly implicated over Saudi carnage in Yemen: IRGC

Jim W. Dean - This was a war crime on steroids. It has the classic "target of opportunity" fingerprint of a large number of government people attending the funeral of the father of the Interior Minister Jalal al-Roweishan, estimated at 1500.

Battle for Aleppo: US-Backed Rebels Shut Off Water for 1.5 Million...

The so-called "moderate" rebels turned off the water to 1.5 million civilians living in West Aleppo in retaliation for a Syrian Army airstrike on East Aleppo that allegedly left 250,000 residents without water setting the stage for an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

Incompetent American Doofuses try to start WW3 in Syria?

Are mind-kontrolled, misled USG Officials being used to provoke a nuclear WW3?

Kadir: America Continues in Afghanistan, as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc.

September 18, 2016 To the Honorable Gary PetersU.S. SenatorRE: U.S Drones Command/operations Center For Killing Afghans BabiesDear Senator Peters:I am very upset that the United...

Saudi aggression inflicted over $14 billion in damage to Yemen’s Infrastructures

According to a confidential report by Reuters, air strikes bomber by Saudi-led forces has inflicted more than 14 billion dollars in Yemen’s economy and infrastructure. While half the people in Yemen suffer from malnutrition.

An invitation to the “Boris Johnson” to support the investigation of...

Internal political circles in Britain demanding new foreign minister «Boris Jansson», to help in the investigation of Saudi Arabia war crimes against Yemen with the change in the policy of the independent investigation.

Your Radiation This Week No 57

Colorado Springs exceeded 1,000 CPM of Total Beta and Gamma Radiation for 151 hours this week.

Your Radiation This Week No 56

All week long Colorado Springs, Colorado; Little Rock, Arkansas and Raleigh, North Carolina changed First, Second and Third Place many times.

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