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Trump, Armageddon, Satanism and the Deep State

If you haven't finally realized that there is a coven of warlocks and witches running DC's Deep State, you aren't paying attention.

Is Washington Arming the Pakistani Taliban?

By Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today It has recently transpired during the trial of the widow of Orlando nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, who killed...

School mass shooting foiled by Washington police 1 day before Florida...

Jim W. Dean - Granny calls 911 to drop a dime on her grandson and save the day on another school shooting in the planning.

James Comey challenges Congress to defend FBI and Dept. of Justice

Jim W. Dean - Trump views being president as a Dancing with the Stars show where he feels he can out bullsh_t the best of them.

Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options

...by Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Jaffe -"'Other pieces under her byline have been published in recent months at Veterans Today, where Gordon Duff, the site’s editor, said...

NEO: How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS

Jim W. Dean - NEO's Alexander Orlov has pulled together the best recap that we have seen of the complex behind-the-scenes hands involved in the major rebound of an ISIS that was deemed to be broken and on its last legs two weeks ago.

Washington wants to hang the burden of Iran on Russia’s neck

As Washington continues increasing its sanctions pressure on different countries of the world, one is led to believe that the authors of the strategy of sanctions have a vague idea about the ultimate goal of their policy. Why does the US impose complex restrictions on the work of its companies and banks with a number of major global partners?

NEO: Washington Behind the Mirror

Russia thinks it is working with President Trump in Syria and is making progress in pushing NATO off its borders, or so one might gather from reading news available in late July of 2017.

Washington bets on Kurds

A few days ago The Washington Post referring to two anonymous sources, members of Trump's administration, reported that the White House had decided to end a covert CIA program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels.

Stealth Escalation – Why Is Washington Playing with Fire in Syria?

The world community continues to condemn the surprise White House statement warning Syria against a chemical weapons attack.

Lavrov: US and its allies “are secretly providing cover for Al...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has a history of exposing Washington and its allies in Syria and elsewhere as terrorist apologists.

First Mosul then Raqqa. How Washington targets civilians

Yesterday, a monitoring group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently published another footage of the aftermath of the U.S.-led coalition’s strikes on the city. Videos and photos show damaged buildings, bomb craters and fires.

Are the US, Turkey, Israel and Saudis going to Balkanize Syria...

Jim W. Dean - Is the US building a national Kurdish army, with combined operations capability? Yes it is, and quite openly so. This is the US' answer to the Russian and Iranian involvement, but leaving out that the US goal from the beginning was an offensive one.

Mosul Hasn’t Been Fully Liberated ‘Because of Washington’

The United States has deliberately not provided advanced precision weapons to Iraqi security forces, limiting Baghdad's ability to fully liberate Mosul and fight Daesh,...

Kiev’s Maidan coup – US begins to back away from financial...

Jim W. Dean - The worm seems to be turning in US-Ukraine relations, with this story on major cutbacks in US financial support, but with a caveat. There is no mention of any military cutbacks, just in "reform" and economic aid.

Luxembourg court rejects US bid to freeze Iran assets, Washington appeals:...

Jim W. Dean - This does not come as a surprise, since "certain parties" did not get their attack on Iran, and their bogus claims of an Iran nuclear weapons program were shot down in flames; the lawyers figured that at least they could get a load of bucks to the 9-11 victims.

Is Russia Ready to Side With Washington Against Iran?

Following recent remarks made by President Trump branding Iran "the number one terrorist state," and US media outlets claiming that the Trump administration is "looking to divide Russia's relations with Tehran,"

Lost their Friggin’ Minds: 5 Year old Handcuffed by Trump Thugs...

A five-year-old boy was detained for several hours at Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday after U.S. President Donald Trump issued an executive order...

PressTV: 500,000 march on Washington to protest Trump presidency

 Hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States descend on Washington to voice their anger and anxiety over Donald Trump’s presidency a day...

Syrian War Report – December 7, 2016: Washington Attempts To Save...

...from SouthFront Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Halab militant coalitions’ defenses are collapsing in the Syrian city of Aleppo under the pressure of pro-government forces.Late on...

Betrayal: Team Trump is already filled with Washington insiders

By Tal KopanTrump ran his campaign on a message that he would "drain the swamp" in Washington He has so far fully embraced...

Russia demands Washington explain after reports say US military hacked into...

Jim W. Dean - This is all a dangerous game, all the more so because the US would probably do a cyber attack on itself, with more than a little damage, to assure public support for a major cyber counter attack.

What Does Washington ‘Plan B’ in Syria Really Mean?

The US propaganda campaign to discredit Russian-Syrian-Iranian operations to liberate Aleppo faced a significant problem – massive civilian casualties during the Mosul offensive, supported by the US-led coalition.

NEO – Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil...

Jim W. Dean - Mr. Engdahl has the classic expose' below to once again validate VT's editorial position that not only the wars but American "economic interests" are now being run by international organized crime.

Pravda: Moscow gathers ‘fifth column’ for Washington

Leaders of movements and parties which stand for independence of their regions will gather in Moscow at a conference 'The dialogue of nations'.

Washington Post: 2nd US Air Strike Kills Hundreds of Civilians

The airstrikes at dawn on Tuesday pulverized entire families, including young children — families that were fleeing Islamic State militants but were instead mistaken for being those very fighters.

Washington takes every effort to make Russia attack Ukraine

The Ukrainian regime is an illegal far-right facist junta hell-bent on resuming open hostilities. This is because it is a puppet regime put in power and controlled by Zionist Neocons in Washington - remember that John McCain and Viktoria Nuland turned up in Kiev during Maidan

Has Washington Finally Accepted That Assad Can Stay?

The fate of President Bashar al-Assad has long been at the heart of Washington's strategy in Syria, but it will no longer be a "priority" in the near future, the London-based newspaper Raialyoum asserted, adding that the US is no longer listening to Saudi Arabia's wishes in this matter.

Russian-EU Alliance is an Apocalyptic Scenario for Washington

Jim W. Dean - Germany's Ernst Wolff confirms VT's long held editorial position that manufactured security threats are only being used as a tool to shovel never-ending billions into the international elites' private investment playpen - the military industrial complex.

West’s Recognition of Kosovo ‘Thanks to Albania’s Washington Lobbyists’

The Kosovo region owes recognition of its 2008 "declaration of independence" to Albania's long-practised skill at lobbying US politicians, Nenad Vasic, researcher at the...

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