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How Zionist Was Churchill?

Churchill’s son Randolph would later write, ironically: “Churchill did not confine his quest for new and interesting personalities and friends to Jewish households. During this period he was sometimes invited into Gentile society.”

The Poppy Hypocrisy Worn by Warmongers

Now is that unique time of year when the British media begins the annual remembrance day poppy manhunt.

Death of SS Paul Hamilton: April 20, 1944

Sixth VT publishing of sinking of the SS Paul Hamilton in WWII, torpedoed with 504 seamen and troops aboard with 6000 tons of explosives, and the details were classified for 50 years to hide the shipping of troops on ammo ships.

VJ Day: Veterans at 70th anniversary commemorations

Veterans of World War Two have taken part in events to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day, when Japan surrendered and the war ended.

TRUTH JIHAD: Physics prof. Mujahid Kamran on 9/11 & NWO, international...

"The international bankers manipulate wars and fund both sides at war, bringing the governments and people under deeper debt bondage. They have steadily enhanced their control of the globe and aim at establishing a one-world slave state, under their control…"

Yamamoto’s Decision: World War II Play from Sherwood Ross

VT Writer Sherwood Ross explores the question in theatre form "Why did Fleet Admiral Isokuru Yamamoto, Japan’s brilliant naval strategist, and who could have retired, instead made the decision to participate in a world war he personally opposed?"

The Dams Raid

Today is the 70th anniversary of the great Dams Raid by Guy Gibson VC and 617 Squadron on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams in Germany, so it is appropriate to honor these brave men. Although I am an Honorary Life Member of Bomber Command Association I have only ever met a couple of the guys who were on that raid, sadly no longer with us. They were wonderful people.

Daniel K. Inouye – Medal of Honor Recipient

Medal of Honor Recipient and longtime Senator from Hawaii, Daniel K. Inouye, passed away on December 19, 2012 and his legacy of honorable, courageous and loyal service to this Nation should never be forgotten, as well as the extreme injustice the government of the United States inflicted on him, his family and tens of thousands of other Japanese Americans during World War 2.

The Normandy Landings

French language presentation on the D Day landings. File is downloadable or may be embedded.

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