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Blacklisted! The Premature AntiFascist Milt Felsen

"Too many will not get across [the Ebro River]," said Hemingway. "Too many will die because a superior cause is not a match for superior fire power."

Death of the SS Paul Hamilton – April 20th, 1944

When I look at these April 1944 convoy ships on the water in the feature image, it symbolizes the current Ukraine war disaster that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

Irving KO’s Winston Churchill like Churchill Knocked out England

Everyone lost in World War II except the bankers. A classic putdown by the one and only historian, David Irving.

Russia Says Germany Aiding Ukraine Nazis in Abuse of POWs

The Kiev regime, in its treatment of RUssian prisoners, mirrors the behavior of its predecessors and ideological inspirer, the German fascists.

Book Review: Lost Airmen: The Epic Rescue of WWII U.S. Bomber...

Author Charles Stanley Jr. unveils the shocking true story of his father, Charles Stanley-and the eighteen brave soldiers he journeyed with for the first time.

Poland wants to divide Ukraine

The Ukrainian army will soon collapse and then the big haggling will begin, and Poland wants to get a piece of the pie, just as it had already annexed parts of Czechoslovakia after Hitler’s invasion.

Forgotten History Damns World to More Nazi Tyranny, This time from...

Today, Europe is practicing as if it has no power and fear and terror from the Russian bear. It is similar to the case of Hitler’s days before World War II, and we are witnessing it throwing forcefully into the American incubator.

WWII Nazi Officer Returns Love to Once Invaded City

During WWII German paratroopers land on the island of Crete overrunning and capturing the small fishing village. This is a war story of redemption and forgiveness based on a true story.

Russia: How History Warned Ukraine Against Arming Criminals and Foreign ‘Volunteers’

From Russian Controlled Sputnik: The Ukrainian government has handed out military weapons to civilians willy-nilly, freed violent criminals from jail, and invited foreign militants with a grudge against Russia to reinforce its pinned-down army. But forces have been unleashed before, writing some of the darkest pages in history.

Uncovering Nazi Secrets at US PO Box 1142

During WWII, Army Intelligence interrogated high-ranking prisoners-of-war at a secret installation in Alexandria, Va., dubbed "P.O. Box 1142."

F4F Wildcat Held the Line During WWII

Designed by Grumman Iron Works, the tough little fighter kept America in the fight during those early dark days in the Pacific Theater

WWII Nazi Enigma Machine Found in Baltic Sea

German forces used the device—likely cast into the water to avoid falling into Allied hands—to encode military messages

Book Review: Beyond Valor: A WWII Story of Extraordinary Heroism, Sacrificial...

Book Review: Beyond Valor: A World War II Story of Extraordinary Heroism, Sacrificial Love, and a Race against Time, Jon Erwin and William Doyle....

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