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War Spreads to the UAE

On January 24, the Houthis attacked several targets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with ballistic missiles and suicide drones as a part of a new large-scale operation, codenamed ā€œOperation Yemenā€™s Hurricane 2ā€.

VT was right, Prince Salman folding on Yemen War due to...

Saudi Arabia has reportedly asked members of the regime of former Yemeni president HadiĀ residing in the capital Riyadh to leave,Ā and has suspended financial support provided to them.

Warring parties in Yemen make ā€˜significant progressā€™ on ceasefire agreement: UN...

Who knows if this "agreement in progress" will be any different than the previous agreements, which often had the Saudis bombing the day after and the dying continued.