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Donald Trump—The New Merchant of Menace?

Donald Trump in 2016: “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents."

Cholera in Yemen Parallels the Holocaust, Duff on Press TV

Number of cholera suspected cases hits 484,733

Famine affecting over 20 million in Yemen, Somalia, S. Sudan, Nigeria

The civil war has disrupted farming so much that famine as amllions of people are going hungry and thousands are at risk of starvation.

Al-Saud guilty of cholera, meningitis death in Yemen

A specialist at MSF presented an impressive testimony to what she saw as she watched the cholera news in Yemen, where the stressful work and the outbreaks at Abbass for measles, whooping cough and malaria were confirmed in her report: We treated war-wounded and cholera as our last concern.

Charities take on Saudi Arabia while others cringe

Jim W. Dean - I have watched in amazement as the un-UN-sanctioned Saudi blockade of everything going into Yemen, with full support from the Gulf State Council and the US, has not been virulently attacked as illegal, with demands of sanctions on all those involved in this horrendous act.

UN suspends vaccination as Cholera goes out of control in Yemen

The United Nations has suspended a shipment of Cholera vaccines for Yemen as the deadly disease is spreading fast across the country. Yemen is facing a severe shortage of medicine because of Saudi Arabia’s harsh embargo.

Carry on arming the Saudis (and never mind the slaughter in...

Campaigners are furious with a High Court decision in London allowing the UK Government to carry on exporting arms to Saudi Arabia for use against Yemenis.

Yemen Cholera Cases Could Pass 300,000 by September: UN

A cholera outbreak in war-ravaged Yemen could infect more than 300,000 people by the end of August, up from nearly 193,000 cases today, the United Nations said Friday.

Pakistani Commander of Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition Mulling Resignation

Former Pakistani army chief, Raheel Sharif, who was appointed to head the Saudi-led military coalition against Yemen is attempting to find a way for leaving and returning home.

YEMEN – A Modern Day Concentration Camp

It's time for Americans to demand the truth – including the truth about what's going on in Yemen as laid out in this article – and then rise up and overthrow the evil that has taken over their country.

US attack kills 7 in central Yemen: Pentagon

  A file photo of US army forces At least seven people have lost their lives in a US ground and aerial operation in Yemen’s central...

Senator censures $110Bn arms sale to Saudis, citing atrocities in Yemen

A US senator has censured the whopping $110 billion weapons deal President Donald Trump signed with the Saudi kingdom, insisting that Washington is trusting a regime with “the worst human rights record” in the region to bring peace to the Middle East.

Yemen, Cholera, Israel and WMDs

Use of WMDs, bioweapons, cluster bombs, sarin gas would be impossible without network of CIA stooge governments, cardboard lothario dictators and narco-republics that provide basis for worldwide criminal empire.

Yemenis will never succumb to occupation

Jim W. Dean - Despite the endless claims of Iranian support, no one has shown us the secret Iranian invisible planes and ships that are bringing in the supplies, despite the Saudis and Arab coalition having control, or despite the air and the naval blockade.

Trump Orders SEAL Bodies Obliterated in Yemen to Cover Bannon/Kusher Fiasco

' By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Today, Alex Jones admitted that "Pizzagate" was a hoax.  We also know that Benghazi and emailgate were the same, fabricated...

Trump’s “Mad Bomber” Secret Yemen War, More Tactical Nukes to be...

Gordon Duff - "The Donald" has passed the buck again, claiming the break with US policy, boots on the ground in Yemen, SEAL hit teams inside Iran and using US aircraft to supplement Saudi slaughter of the Yemeni people was...wait for it...all Obama's plan.

Pakistan deploys troops to Saudi border with Yemen

Pakistan is deploying a brigade of combat troops to Saudi Arabia as the kingdom is struggling to keep its southern borders from retaliatory attacks conducted by Yemeni forces, security sources say.

A Dose of Very Nasty Truth: Trump Clears Rearming Al Qaeda...

 Trump and his military planning chief, General Jared Cohen, have authorized US Special Operations Teams, including Delta and US Navy SEALS, to operate inside...

PressTV: US steps up commando deployments to Yemen

The Pentagon has quietly ordered fresh deployments of Special Operations troops to the Middle East and North Africa as the US intensifies its military engagement in Yemen, according to a report.

Deadly US raid on Yemen produced no major intelligence

Jim W. Dean - It looks like Trump is about to learn that ordering commando raids overseas is not necessarily an easy or fun way to make his bones as a war time leader. Now his team in on the firing line, accused of putting out "fake news" on a large trove of Intel being taken.

Breaking: Idlib Raid Hits CIA/Saudi Backed Rebels as “President Banner” Tries...

 An al Qaeda "number two" gets killed every ten days, making it one of the worst jobs in the world Eleven militants with links to...

Trump and Bannon’s Yemen Disaster and Shame, Hiding Behind the Dead

Today Sean Spicer demanded Senator John McCain and perhaps VT as well, apologize to the frauds, cowards and maniacs who planned the Yemen fiasco and then lied about the aftermath like they lie about absolutely everything else all the time.

Russia capable of halting US surrogate war in Yemen: Analyst

  Saudi Arabia has pounded the port of Hudaydah in Yemen to stop the shipping of humanitarian aids into the war-ravaged country. Saudi forces have...

PressTV: Russia capable of halting US surrogate war in Yemen: Analyst

Saudi Arabia has pounded the port of Hudaydah in Yemen to stop the shipping of humanitarian aids into the war-ravaged country. Saudi forces have...

Guardian: Trump Turned to Kushner and Bannon to Approve Botched Yemen...

Editor's note: Obama nixed this raid which, it seems, was dredged up by son-in-law Jared Kushner, an Israeli national, and Steve Bannon, failed Neo-Nazi...

Trump Orders 8 Year Old Girl Murdered in Targeted Drone Attack...

In what an official said was the first military raid carried out under President Donald Trump, two Americans were killed in Yemen on Sunday — one a member of SEAL Team 6 and the other the 8-year-old daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, the New Mexico-born al Qaeda leader who himself was killed in a U.S. strike five years ago.

Trump escalates War in Yemen

To substantiate: A pair of US drone strikes in Yemen’s Bayda Province have killed at least 10 people over the weekend, according to Yemeni officials, marking the first drone strikes to be conducted under President Trump, who was inaugurated on Friday.

The Nasty Truth About Yemen

The war in Yemen is simple. Saudi Arabia and its allies are protecting the Arabian Peninsula from occupation by Iran and other terrorist nations.

PressTV: Turkey plane transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen: Report

  This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen's Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP) Yemeni sources say a Turkish plane transporting scores...

Saudi Arabia Admits to Using Illegal UK Cluster Bombs in Yemen

The uncomfortable truth about British arms sales to nations like Saudi Arabia is that the British government cannot stop this deadly trade because the British economy would collapse.