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Zarif: I’m ready to visit Saudi Arabia to settle differences

Iran has been stating it was open to talking to any and all regional neighbors to deescalate tensions, provide their own security for the Persian Gulf, and get foreign forces out of the area.

Rouhani: “Peace Through Resistance”

When Iran's President Rouhani brings a "message of peace" from "a nation of resistance," is that a contradiction?

NEO – Desperation Rules Washington’s Policy on Iran

Desperation stems primarily from the Iranian refusal to accept US terms, and it grows out of Washington’s inability to force Iran into capitulation.

Is the US running scared of Iran?

Is the US push to ban Zarif from social media a last gasp measure? ... from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... August 11, 2019...

Iran Rolls Out ‘Substantial’ offer to Washington in exchange for Lifting...

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif has offered to immediately ratify the JCPOA Additional Protocol in exchange for the immediate removal of US sanctions. Under the original 2015 JCPOA deal, the Protocol was intended to have been ratified in 2023.

Zarif: Iran exceeding limits based on measures announced in response to...

The "Iran nuclear issue" is completely phony.

World should confront United States’ use of dollar as weapon: Araqchi

Jim W. Dean - The American people have shown themselves to be totally powerless to rein their government in.

Iran Shows Restraint In Face of Provocation

Zarif stated that Iran "will take this US new aggression to [the] UN and show that the US is lying about international waters".

Did Mogherini just drop a bomb on the US over Iran?

Jim W. Dean - There was no more talk of the EU renewing sanctions if Iran leaves the JCPOA, seeming to indicate that Iran did not kill the deal, the US did.

Zarif warns “Team B” planning anti-Iran false flag

Will the B-team rig up another war?

Iran says not doing anything in breach of JCPOA

Zarif was sending a message to the hesitant Europeans that, if they do not deliver the goods, then they will have also broken the JCPOA agreement.

Zionist lobby pushing US under Trump into war with Iran

Kevin Barrett, author and Middle East expert, told Press TV that Washington’s previous wars – such as the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan – turned into “complete debacles” for the US, warning that a war with Iran would even be “vastly more difficult.”  

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