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NEO – Russia-Ukraine gas transit deal nears completion, everyone wins

This was quite a showdown getting this deal done with all parties not wanting to have a lapse in gas flow, for which they would all suffer in terms of credibility as a business partner and supplier.

NEO – Peace for Donbass a distant hope in Ukraine

Jim W. Dean - Globetrotting international attorney Black takes us inside the belly of the Minsk agreement beast in search of any glimmer of hope that a fractured Ukraine can either be stitched backed together.

NEO – Nord Stream 2 crosses the Danish finish line

Jim W. Dean - While the champagne corks were flying at Gazprom in Russia, there was gnashing of teeth in the US. Trump said Nord Stream 2 would make Germany “a hostage of Russia”.

NEO – Ukraine Smolders: Greedy “Businessman” Father and Son Team!

Jim W. Dean - Henry Kamens is doing what few others are, now that Ukraine is front and center in the world news, replaying how the US, NATO and EU backed a violent overthrow of the Ukraine government and replaced it with the usual puppet.

Death of A Tyrant? CBS’s Insider Report on Trump’s suicidal...

The official described the call as "crazy," "frightening" and "completely lacking in substance related to national security."

Trump impeachment: Second Whistleblower Emerges

_________ BBC Trump impeachment: Second whistleblower emerges A second whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment case against US President Donald Trump, according to lawyers representing the...

Blocked by Google on orders from Attorney General Barr: “NEO,...

...by Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est. 1816) Exactly as with Watergate, it is a simple thing. Trump, aided by Rudy Giuliani, his...

Breaking: Russia boosts gas supplies to Europe while transit deal with...

Due to this move the Russians are making by topping off the EU storage space, so there is no more room for others to get their gas supplies in, and the markets are poised to go even lower.

West puts Ukraine in play once again via fake stink tanks

Zelensky has been in office only a matter of days, and Western-backed groups are threatening to instigate political unrest should he take any action that they don’t find acceptable to their political agenda. Who poses the real threat to democracy?

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