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ACTION ALERT! Austria’s top Jewish group tries to censor Black Panther...

Since when did the genocidal settler colony posing as the illegitimate so-called state of Israel get the right to control the global academy?

TRUTH JIHAD: Brian Ruhe interviews Kevin Barrett on “The Jewish Question”

In 2015 Brian Ruhe was witch-hunted by Bnai Brith and fired from his job teaching Buddhist Studies at Capilano University for speaking out about Jewish power and questioning the victors’ sacred narrative of World War II.

Understanding Jewish Power

"One of the best articles ever written." -Preston James

False Flag Weekly News Friday, June 8th: 51st anniversary of the...

When King Trump says "l'état c'est moi," which état is he talking about? 

TRUTH JIHAD interviews Patrick Little

The top Republican Senate candidate in California puts Israel's false flag attacks on the USA at the top of his agenda.

Is Anti-Zionism Rising in Korea?

The Israelis can solve the anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish reactions overnight by simply denouncing their essentially diabolical/Talmudic activity. Until they do that, then anti-Jewish reactions will continue to spread like wild fire around the world.

The Israeli manufacture of artificial Jews

Jews have led the world in human trafficking for centuries. Now Zionists are taking it to the next level.

TCK RADIO: “Zionist-NeoSSPX (False Right) Connection”

Join me as I discuss the connection between the NeoSSPX/False Right crowd and Zionism.

“Jerusalem al-Quds: Eternal Capital of Palestine” conference in Mashhad, Iran

Jim Dean and a bunch of other ex-military, intel, and State Dept. folks made it to Iran – to stand in support of Palestine.

Alan Sabrosky on censorship, Zionism & 9/11, and more

What’s the connection between the 9/11 coup, the Zionist takeover of America, Israel’s preparations for launching a huge new war, and escalating censorship? Alan Sabrosky breaks it down…

Gilad Atzmon censored in Madison WI – Thursday’s event will happen...

Wil-Mar Center Executive Director Gary Kallas emailed the organizers stating that Atzmon was censored because he “advocates for a particular type of discrimination visa vie documented views of denying the 20th century Holocaust.”

Spielberg urges mandatory holocaust education theme parks

ST, not even for one single millisecond, is to strip the entire population naked and herd them all into gas chambers."

Netanyahu’s “American” traitors pushing US war on Iran

"Americans" who want war on Iran for Israel are traitors.

Zionist things fall apart

You simply cannot punish millions of civilians in Yemen and then give the impression that you are fighting for civilians in Syria! As the New York Times itself put it, you cannot allow Saudi Arabia to kill civilians and then look “the other way.”

Rabbi Michael Lerner vs. Truth Jihad: Which of us is right?

Is it OK to notice and criticize Jewish-Zionist power in America?

No War in Asia for New World Order Agents

The CIA propaganda film The Interview didn’t bring down Kim Jung-un. The Zionist regime, in that sense, has received a low blow. Bad news for them, good news for us.

Jewish Guilt is the Discourse of The Goyim

True Antisemitsm is when IDF snipers film themselves shooting unarmed Semite protestors* like sitting ducks while laughing their heads off!

The Biblical Geopolitics of Neom

That fantastic scheme for Neom, reminiscent of Coleridge's allegedly opium-fueled lines.


Special Guest James Perloff joins me to discuss: Trump, Syria, The Truth Movement, Israel and the Main Stream Media.

Zionism: Theology of Murder – Israel Turns 70

Time for the #OneStateMovement!

How Israel Postponed WW3

It seems that Israel and its lobbies have pushed America, Britain and France to act against their own national interests.

TCK RADIO: Gilad Atzmon “Palestine, Puppet State of Israel & Prepare...

TradCatKnight Radio, Gilad Atzmon "Palestine, Puppet State of Israel & Prepare For Persecution" Talk given 4-11-18 (aprx 45 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! TCK PODCASTS ARE NOW FOUND...

The Rise and Fall of the Alt-Right

Can the Alt-Right really survive with an existentially repugnant and morally groundless ideology? If Kant and Hegel are right, then the answer is no.

Campaign Against Antisemitism Duplicity

Israeli pressure group CAA holds protest outside Labour Party

Jew Hating or Truth Telling – You decide…

We now know that the missiles that were fired at targets in Homs, primarily the T-4 airbase, came from Israeli F-15s violating Lebanese airspace, a tactic they have used time and again to attack Syria. 

VT Anti-Semitism and Jew Hating Revealed Yet Again, Disappointingly

In Israel at 70, Zionism means a government of the racist, by the racist, for the racist.

Was Martin Luther King sacrificed by Zion?

So why would this particular "Murder Incorporated" kill Dr. King? Read Laurent Guyénot's From Yahweh to Zion for the full story of the hidden hand behind the 1960s assassination spree.

Who are the true Semites in the topsy-turvy world of anti-Semitism?

The Zionist Inquisition and mainstream media have ganged up to crucify Corbyn for the crimes of others.

TCK RADIO: Dr. David Duke “Six Steps To Communist Slavery”

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. David Duke "Six Steps To Communist Slavery" Talk given 3-29-18 (aprx 1hr 10 mins) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY & TCK RADIO CAN NOW BE...

Carolyn Yeager’s defense of “anti-Semitism”: A critique

Carolyn Yeager's recent article endorsing "anti-Semitism," in the spurious sense of "Judeophobia," stupidly accepts the misnomer, then goes on to offer a parade of errors and exaggerations, as well as some partial truths.

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