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Kevin MacDonald Is Intellectually Dishonest

“Cowards die may times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.” Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare ...by Jonas E. Alexis   Daniel J....

The Balfour Declaration – One Hundred Years of (Goyim) Solitude

The Jewish world has managed to squeeze quite a few drops of juice out of this watery statement.

TRUTH JIHAD: A second (and third) opinion on Harvey Weinstein and...

Two Americans from Jewish backgrounds offer different perspectives on Harvey Weinstein, Zionism, and what constitutes prejudice and bigotry.

NYT Balfour anniversary discovery: Zionists are psychedelic sea slugs!

"Kleptopredation" precisely describes what the Zionists have done to the British and US empires and their prey, starting with Palestine.

Synagogue Rising Author Hugh Akins spills beans on Zionism and New...

TradCatKnight Interviews Author Hugh Akins on NWO Zionism

Protesters storm Iraqi Kurdistan’s parliament as Barzani resigns

Israel's plan to smash the Middle East with a club called "Kurdistan" is an epic fail.

Was 9/11 attack a false flag operation? (Part II)

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof   Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected...

Finally, 2012 Documentary ‘Gilad and all That Jazz’ is on Youtube

One hour with Gilad Atzmon and his Ziocon detractors.

Kevin MacDonald’s Abject Failure (Part II)

If Kevin MacDonald cannot see that his views are full of holes, then evolutionary biologist Joan Roughgarden was right when he said that evolutionary biologists “are impervious to contrary evidence and alternative formulations.”

Jews do NOT control the media!

This image is just a conspiracy theory. It has now been totally debunked.

The New World Order Is Linked with World Zionism and Western...

Ayatollah Khamenei is both prophetic in tone, and impeccably accurate in content when he addresses Western youth with his hopes and fears. He wants them to understand that terrorism is the common enemy of all those who are decent people and men and women of good will.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Donald Trump is Israel’s best puppet thus far

We can say with certainty that Benjamin Netanyahu was lying when he said that Iran was spreading its tyrannical and terrorist wings over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And this is not the first that he has lied.

Uri Avnery – A Confession

Jim W. Dean - Uri brings us a reflective piece today, on the eve of his 94th year. Below is a concise overview of his journey and its historical benchmarks, with his usual bluntness.

Khazarians Then, Khazarians Now

Khazarians were attacked and destroyed by Russia and Persia (now Iran) around 1250 AD for their unimaginable evil toward their neighbors. They are back doing their same old evil toward others and the world is now rising up against them, once again.

Israel Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: Zionism and Human Rights Are Metaphysically...

Immanuel Kant would have been a staunch anti-Zionist precisely because the categorical imperative and Zionism are two systems of thoughts that can never be reconciled

Dear B’nai B’rith: Is it “anti-Semitic to point out that Jewish...

If all of the world's biggest internet oligarchs were Arab Muslims and attended Hamas, Hezbollah, and/or Islamic Jihad conferences, would it be offensive, bigoted "hate speech" to say so?

Paul Joseph Watson, please, grow up

Could it be that Paul Joseph Watson has been working for the Powers That Be all along? Is it possible that this man is dumb on purpose?

Jodi Rudoren of NY Times: Israel looks “a lot like apartheid”

. The Obama administration, to their credit, was so angry at the Israeli regime that they finally had to call Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”

Iran’s Rouhani: Zionism, terrorism two great threats for region

"The two Iranian and Lebanese nations have always had friendly, close and brotherly ties and relations," said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Nabih Berri.

Syrian Ambassador: Zionism is Attempting to Divide the Region

Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad and Iraqi Ambassador Said Mohammed Rida have said that the war to divide Syria and Iraq serves Zionist aims, and accused the U.S.-led coalition of operating in a manner that hampers efforts to fight terrorism in the region, Syrian news-agency SANA reported.

How and Why WWI Was Planned and Prolonged

The history of the First World War is a deliberately concocted lie.

Zion Declares War on British Jazz

They CAA insists on obliterating my international jazz career...

Straight outta Zionism

The Zionist Kingdom has obviously used the media to perpetuate their own agenda, and the fact that the State Department has written a long report on how the Palestinians are being mistreated by the Israeli regime shows that US officials know that Israel is a problem child

‘Peace process Israeli scam to steal Palestine’ – Kevin Barrett vs....

Israelis have “engineered” the propaganda that they are under constant threat in order to pave the way for their expansionist agenda.

Opposing Zionism not racism – says Court in Scotland – The...


I owe the terrorists an apology

I know what you're thinking: "Barrett is a crazy coincidence theorist." Well, go ahead and call me names, but my rusty old segment of brake line did not show visible signs of sabotage.

J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)

Why do they do it to themselves, why do they repeat the same mistakes time after time? The answer to this question may explain the true meaning of the Jewish tragedy once and for all!

Former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon: Benjamin Netanyahu is fostering “fascistization”

Obviously Ya’alon’s critique of Netanyahu is not compatible with the Zionist ideology which Zionist organs like the Washington Post have been perpetuating.

We Must Support Theatre 80 and Lorcan Otway!

Lorcan Otway is a staunch supporter of freedom of speech and an authentic defender of the 1st amendment. He didn't capitulate to Zionist pressure.

Did B’nai B’rith, National Post, Breibart incite JDL terrorists to attack...

Smear campaign followed by possible "brakes job" terror attack. Coincidence or conspiracy?