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Zionists Form Group to Promote Kurdish Statehood

Jim W. Dean - This is a fabulous article by Richard. If you only have time to read one background article to bring up to speed to follow the current Kurdish news, this is it.

Uri Avnery – Crusaders and Zionists

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a great piece for us today, as he shines when he goes digging into the history of his current home country, that has belonged to so many others for its many years of human habitation.

Government, Religion and War

When we see all the wars going on today in the Middle East, we can’t help but wonder what the root cause is.

Avnery – The UNSC Resolution

Jim W. Dean - Perhaps it is a good time, before the man who claims "there are going to be a lot of changes" assumes office, for the UNSC to "pre-Trump" Trump by making Palestine a Recognized State.

Zionist extremists launch murder coup against IDF

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a home run piece below, a hard-nosed exposé of Jews against Jews in a close range, take-no-prisoners knife fight, with the future control of the army at stake.

Biden For President?

Or just the Same Game Plan with a different Puppet?

Uri Avnery – Centrist Politicians are Swept Away

Jim W. Dean - Uri brings us another one of his internal Israeli politics updates, focusing on the trend in Israel away from center-based political parties to the left and right flanks, which is actually a worldwide trend.

TRUTH JIHAD: Why do Zionists accuse their victims of what they...

Richard Hugus deconstructs the Zionist propaganda.

Countering Israel’s ‘Firewall’–A Call for the Formation of a New Political...

I would propose the establishment of the End Aid to Israel Party (EAIP)

Hey Zionists: You can take my anti-Semitism and SHOVE IT

The Zionist mind-lock on the world is crumbling.

Neocons have destroyed academic freedom

Apparently Hawkins was forced out of Wheaton Colleges for saying that "Muslims and Christians worship the same God." But only a lunatic would question that statement.

Soros and The Gang

Katherine Frisk - BRICS, Colour Revolutions and how we got to this World War Three.

Zionists Cognitive Dissonance Harms Their Financial Interests

by Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today   In wake of America’s continued fake global war on terror, various drastic developments such as Syrian crisis, terror-activities of...

GOP candidates fighting to grab big piece of Zionist pie: American...

Repubnikins grovel shamelessly for Zionist moolah

2006 Victory on Zionists Was God’s Blessing: Hezbollah Leader, Nasrallah

He reaffirmed Lebanon’s strong determination to counter the Israeli acts of aggression, saying the nation is well capable of protecting itself in the face of terror threats in the region through resistance.

Are Zionists Ending Western Civilization and Themselves?

The Zionist control over Germany before Hitler took power was probably as great as the Zionist control over Russia before Putin rose to power.

Zionists finally admitting Wave of hatred consuming Israel

Jim W. Dean - This is either the greatest show on earth Rivlin is putting on, or the rapture is almost upon us

Truth Jihad: Zionists fail to quash Open Mind Conference in Amsterdam

Ole Dammegard discusses "holocaust denial" - the pretext for the failed attempt to shut down the Open Mind Conference - and explains why the censorship attempt has backfired.

Canada Bans Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories

Why is my Charlie Hebdo book so sensitive they won't let me talk about it in Canada?

Are Zionists Space Aliens bent on conquering earth?

A leading Israeli strategist says Zionists are mind-controlled by an alien space beam…and bent on conquering Planet Earth.

Uri Avnery – Zionists All

Jim W. Dean..."While Uri once again admits some imperfections of the Zionist state, he would not bring back all the victims of Zionism to have had the post WWII Jews remain in Europe."

Zionists linked to “Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ escape”

Coincidence theorists are going to have a field day with this!

Zionists vs. Veterans: An American tragedy

Obama and Dempsey should have traded McCain for Sgt. Bergdahl. And they should have thrown in Hannity and a few dozen more chicken-hawks from Fox News.

Secret Space War XVI: The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim

World Zionists have labeled Khazarian Imposters as the real "Descendents of Abraham" in order to form a tyrannical Racial Delusion....

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

This article is written as interesting fiction for entertainment purposes only...

US scholars confront AIPAC and Jewish lobby bullies

- Fear of the AIPAC and Jewish Lobby is slipping away as people not only grow sick of it personally, but of living in a nation of cowards

ELECTION 2016: Should Israeli Run for U.S. President?

Time to elect an Israeli as U.S. President so that we can officially declare the U.S.A. a territory of the global banksters

Obama’s Kennedy moment

Is Obama trying to prevent the planned "big Mideast war" - while avoiding JFK's fate?

Obama postpones World War III Till Next Week

Obama’s decision to procrastinate, and preserve the world as we know it for one more week, may be braver than it appears.

Christian Brotherhood of America

Not withstanding the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution which declares that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion and prohibits the establishment of a national religion, the Christian Brotherhood of America is in every establishment: the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, Home Land Security, CIA, among many of the different departments of the US government.