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VT Radio is talk radio for U.S. Military Veterans and others around the world who want independent voices on politics, foreign policy, government, war, military and issues that concern the global community. It is produced by the Veterans Today Network. It is a fully 100% independent voice of the people radio network produced by independent writers, hosts, radio people and people of conscience.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO CENSORSHIP allowed on VT Radio.  Anything goes and everything is up for discussion. Each show has its own producer, director, host, and content.  Veterans Today Network sponsors the radio network precisely in this freedom format so it’s NOT anything like MSM that takes its orders from the top.

At VT Radio, we take our orders from the people and so it’s run by human people; people that will be bold to speak truth to power; people you can depend on!

At VT Radio you may get your sensibilities offended because we don’t tow the MSM line.  So listen carefully and watch where you step because VT Radio is coming at you with freedom as its uniform with liberty and justice for all loaded into its cyber guns.

So get on board! Get with VT Radio! Get involved and contribute to the great debate! Don’t just stand there! Get up and fight for your right to be heard! That’s what we’re here for!

  • The Veterans Today Network represents and provides news for members of the military and veteran community and all human beings of compassion and care in areas of national security, geopolitical stability and domestic policy.
  • All hosts and content are fully independent and represent their own point of view and not necessarily the point of view of any other host, show, writer, administrator or entity.