Full Disclosure and Fake News Policy

Please Read this Full Complete Disclosure

Editors and Writers

All editors and writers contributing content on Veterans Today (VT) are 100% fully independent.  Editors and writers are NOT employees or contractors. They receive NO salary or fee for their content.  They control all their content.  VT does NOT censor.  In other words, the copyright for all editors and writers content is owned by them and NOT VT.

VT makes NO ownership claims on content and maintains NO control over editors and writer’s time, hours, and efforts.  We do NOT sponsor the writer’s travel and content generation.  Content belongs to the writers and editors exclusively; plain and simple!

We have always invited new up and coming proven writers to contribute. Over the years, there have been over 700 writers who have contributed.  Some just a few stories and some have posted in the thousands.  The writers’ roster changes periodically depending on who’s active, what area of expertise they are covering and the current events shaping our world.

Media Partners

VT has NO official, unofficial or contracted media partners and takes NO monies from any outside media sources, governments, or sponsors. 

To be more clear, there are NO RUSSIAN SPONSORS, BANKERS or anyone else funding VT except for advertisers and small yet very appreciative and important donations made by readers.  That’s it.

VT is truly 100% independent and privately American owned through a U.S. based LLC.  There are NO other media, corporate or government sponsors.

However, many independent editors and writers who post on the network do maintain other media relationships in the USA and around the world.  Many editors and writers post their content on other media around the world and engage in professional relationships outside of our network.  We do NOT and cannot legally control those relationships.  Those relationships are entirely owned and controlled by the independent editors and writers individually.

So when posting from other media or relating from other media, editors and writers are required to source their information so that readers are fully aware of where it originates.

Revenue:  Impact on Integrity and Content

VT is funded by advertising and small reader donations; plain and simple!  There are NO secret Zionist backers, Russian Oligarchs, or any other soup-du-jour backers. There is NOTHING!  PERIOD!  And since our inception, there has NEVER been.

However, due to the nature of our content and its open non-antiseptic truth qualities, the majority of ad networks cannot do business with us.  Thus bidding for our ad space is severely impacted.

The majority of ad networks have policies to satisfy their advertisers who do NOT want their names associated with showing dead bodies in terrible wars or critic of certain state policies that are NOT in line with mainstream agendas.   So a long time ago, we decided between maximizing ad revenue and telling the public what is actually going on. It was a super easy choice for VT.  We choose truth over revenue.

We have NO corporate policy board and no investors.  There is no corporation, government, group, or person who can impact the existence or content of VT.  Plain and Simple!

Sourcing Articles

All editors and writers are required to source their articles properly.  It is mandatory.  Readers must know where data and information is coming from.  So If you suspect an article is NOT properly sourced, contact us immediately.

Fake News Policy

Opinion and Advocacy Journalism is where we reside online in the alternative media space.

So to be more clear, we are NOT pure news and un-opinionated journalism.  In fact, Opinion Journalism makes no claim of objectivity. Although distinguished from Advocacy Journalism in several ways, both forms feature a subjective viewpoint, usually with some social or political purpose. Common examples include newspaper columns, editorials, op-eds, editorial cartoons, and punditry.

We are all above. Thus we make it super clear to our readers at the bottom of every article via a Disclosure Box in big bold RED FONT that is hard to miss and has links to this full disclosure page for those that want and need to read the full disclosure.  We do this because we want our readers informed and properly positioned to read our content with 100% eyes wide-open.

Here’s an example of the Disclosure Box;

More, we actually encourage our truly 100% independent writers to exercise their free will and express their opinions on the facts.  And when facts presented are incorrect, we do our very best to immediately correct and cite sources. In this way, we make it clear that we reject Fake News but reserve the right to express our opinion on the facts so that readers can get intelligent points of view from experts in their fields.

Furthermore, we encourage all visitors to be truly objective and get all sides of the story before making any opinion and engaging in intelligent discourse.

In pursuit of such an objective noble aim;

we strongly advise all visitors to fact check from other notable reliable sources and even go to an opposing point of view sites to get different opinions.

Then form their own fully educated objective opinions and judgments.

It is in this ethos of fact-checking and seeing all sides that, together, we can avoid the Fake News pitfalls that are gripping our global community.

So to expand, because our writers are truly 100% independent and only represent their sources and points of view, we CANNOT guarantee all information in their posts is 100% accurate or that their opinions are anti-septic.  So question is, fact checks it and don’t believe everything you read.

Check it all out from other sources and listen to many points of view. Then come in and get involved in the discourse armed with facts and objectivity afforded only to those who see and understand all sides of the issues.

In other words, use common sense; always double and triple check from other sources.

Oh and one more thing!

If a post is satirical in nature, then it is very important the visitor accept it as such and NOT try to make it out to be some sort of factual news fact post. Satire is satire and, from time to time, our writers may choose to post satire.  So just be fully informed, aware, and involved.

Ethics and Values

Our open independent sites stand for justice, equality, truth, and the USA and do NOT stand for racism including but NOT limited to racism by color, ethnicity, cultural identity, sexual identity, or creed. We aim to stand up for U.S. Veterans and our fellow man worldwide. We encourage success for our independent writers, independent editors, readers, columnists, advertisers, affiliates, and partners who value our site and stand up for equality, freedom, liberty, truth, and the pursuit of justice for all whilst standing up against oppression and racism always.

Content Integrity and Copyright

Our sites are open source for independent writers. Editors and writers are 100% independent. They are NOT paid, employees or contractors. They are 100% independent and post because they care about the issues. They own their work and thus, the copyright for each article belongs to that respective writer and NOT VT. Plain and Simple!

So be clearly advised the views expressed on articles are of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of this site, this sites’ authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians or the VT and its assigns. Some content may be satirical in nature.

Legal Responsibility and Images

As part of the privilege of posting on VT, writers agree to take full responsibility 100% for all content they post. In lieu, VT has no legal liability relating to content or images. Thus any legal issues on images or content must be taken up with the author directly.

All images posted within an article are the responsibility of the author and NOT the responsibility of the VT.  In other words, authors upload and use images that they are responsible for and have received legal approvals.

Be a great net citizen!

Authors do their best to use images that are NOT copyrighted by anyone.  They have zero intent to step on anyone’s toes.  However, the net is a huge place. It is virtually impossible to manage and be perfect.  So if you find an image used by any author that may be owned by some-else or copyrighted without our knowledge, just tell us.  We will delete it immediately.  It’s that simple!

Report Copyright Violations

It is our policy NOT to publish any copyrighted material.  Period!  However, if such an event occurs without the knowledge of VT, the said material will be immediately removed upon written notice. If you feel that your copyrighted material appears on this web site without your permission, please send your request to remove by submitting a support ticket.

Reprint or Re-post Permissions

You must get permission from the author directly to re-post any article. If they give expressed permission, we ask that you link back to the original article.

Report Ethical Violations

If you feel that an article or comment presented on-site violates our ethics and values and presents harm to the readership, please report; submit a support ticket.

Your mail will be sent to our management and forwarded to the appropriate site Editorial Board for review. Please be specific in your report and include the URL address, title of article or comment and any other information that you would think helpful for a review. The board will take action and respond back to you.


We do NOT sell any information harvested on our site. In fact, the only time we get the info on readers is when comments are posted and we only do that to prevent spammers from posting garbage porn and gambling site URLs, getting free authority linkbacks. Anyway, we are able to learn the IP address from comment posters so we can ID where they are when they posted. Any other information provided is purely by consent of the poster.


In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, no one under 13 years of age can use our web sites. If you are a minor between the ages of 13 and 18, you may use our Site only in conjunction with your parent, legal guardian, or another responsible adult.


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VT is NOT responsible for the privacy practices employed by these sites, nor the information or content contained therein. We provide these links to you only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by our sites of the site. Please read over the rules and policies of these sites before proceeding. If you have concerns about any site that is linked to our site, please contact us.